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Types of leaves in Azerbaijan

Types of leaves in Azerbaijan

According to the labor legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, each worker has the right for the paid labor leave once in a year. The employment year shall begin on the date on which the employee was hired and end on the same day of the following year. Within a year he has the right for one labor leave.

Labor leave is subdivided into the main and additional.

The base vacation provides granting to employees not less than 21 calendar day of vacation. The agricultural employees, government employees, heads of the enterprises, methodologists, scientific personnel without academic degrees, doctors, mid-level medical personnel etc. shall be eligible for 30 calendar days of vacation.

To employees working at a basis of an incomplete operating schedule, labor leave provides in the same volume.

Depending on an experience, besides the base vacation, granted a certain number of days of rest – additional vacation.

Seniority of five to ten years provides granting – 2, of ten to fifteen years – 4 and seniority of over fifteen years – 6 additional calendar days.

Also, besides labor leave, employees have the right to such types of holidays as social child care leave for women, educational, research and unpaid leave.

To employers, who have violated the rights of the subordinates for receiving leave, threaten penalties in amount of 1500-2000 manats.