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Accounting services in Baku, Azerbaijan

Accounting services in Baku, Azerbaijan

 “AZCONSULT GROUP” LLC specializes in rendering accounting services in Baku, accounting servicing and comprehensive accounting support of legal entities, irrespective of their organization-legal structure, activity and the applied system of the taxation. The long-term professional experience of our employees, attentive and benevolent approach to any client allow to render equally qualitatively accounting services to both the individual entrepreneurs (IE), and the companies in the form of  LLC or CJSC.

Accounting servicing and complex accounting maintenances (OUTSOURCING) is performed by our employees – skilled accountants (with the higher education) and with a work experience in the sphere of rendering accounting services from 5 to 20 years.

We guarantee quality of accounting services!

For operating time in the sphere of rendering accounting services in Baku our employees have saved up a wealth of experience on maintaining accounting.

Addressing us, you receive highly skilled service on the questions interesting you. We sensitively monitor the changes of the legislation of Azerbaijan and constantly improve skills of our employees.

We guarantee to all our clients the flexible prices, an individual approach and complete confidentiality!

“AZCONSULT GROUP” LLC offers legal entities and physical persons accounting services:

  • Conducting accounting and tax accounting
  • Accounting restoration
  • Development of accounting policies
  • Drawing up reporting taxes
  • Accounting and tax consultations
  • Personnel administration

Complex accounting maintenances (OUTSOURCING)

Calculation of taxes and preparation, delivery of tax declarations.
(on the website  www.e-taxes.gov.az)
Monthly (for the VAT) and quarterly
(for the simplified system)
Formation of accounting reports Annually
Preparation of tax and prepayment orders Yes
Payroll calculation, calculation of taxes, insurance premiums for a salary Yes
Preparation and submission of reports
(statistics- www.stat.gov.az , pension fund –  www.e-sspf.gov.az , and fund of employment)
Cash transactions (cash revenue and expenditure documents, expense reports) Yes
Handling of source documents on receipt from suppliers of goods, works, services Constantly
Forming of source documents for the client at realization of goods, services Constantly
Personnel administration, personnel documents on acceptance – dismissal of employees.
The electronic employment contract of employees (on the website www.e-gov.az )
Consultation in the sphere of business and tax accounting Constantly
Service of a courier service (at an urgent need) One-time

Fast question-answer

Why I shall choose you? What do you differ in from identical companies which also, as well as you, render services of financial accounting?

We are respectful to all partners and our competitors.
We offer complex packages of accounting services.
We completely exempt you from non-core activities in the form of heavy burden of own accounting. You concentrate the efforts only on business.
The prices are adapted under realities of the market.
We can always agree.
Flexible in work and in communication. We will relieve you of boring reflections and empty loss of time.
You will have a personal chief accountant! Services of accounting to the organizations are our professional activity.

Whether I will have an economy if I choose you?

You, undoubtedly, will have a real economy:
– we will consult as it is optimum, from the point of view of the taxation, to build one or another deal with the client;
– we will execute intermediate calculation of taxes and we will discuss the permissible tax load and profitability.

You save:
– on the organization of a workplace of the accountant;
– on a salary, taxes on a salary;
– on daily communication and discussion various and, as a rule, far-fetched problems;

We are open to bilateral dialogue. Call, write us, we will discuss your problems and we will find the optimal solution.
And main thing: we are real people and we will be glad if our accounting services help to develop business and you will be able to turn own goods or service into real money.

We hope that the services offered by us will interest you and in this case we will be glad to our cooperation!
Progress and prosperity to your business!