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Audit services in Baku, Azerbaijan

Audit services in Baku, Azerbaijan

Audit services in Baku, Azerbaijan — a complex of procedures which give the chance to most fully and objectively estimate a financial and economic condition of the entity, allow to study the plan of the further actions directed to increase of profitability and increase in business performance, improve controllability of the company.

As a rule, types of audit services represent directly inspections and consultation of the Customer concerning financial accounting and the taxation.

During inspections, the assessment of results of work of the entity and its activities is carried out, the help in the solution of problems of financial management is offered. A certain crew of auditors with which employees of the Customer can resolve issues concerning financial accounting, taxation and other questions of financial and economic activities of the Customer at any time, is attached to the Customer. Thus, work with the Customer, isn’t limited only to the inspection period, but goes in the constant mode. In contrast to the inspection for the period, audit maintenance promotes operational correction of the made mistakes by the Customer within a year and organizations of an effective business and tax accounting system and the system of internal control reducing probability of emergence of mistakes in the future.

The list of the services rendered by the “AZCONSULT GROUP” includes both Audit services in Baku, Azerbaijan, and all other works connected with audit activities. For example, help in the sphere of accounting servicing or consultation. The prices of accounting servicing are created depending on document flow amount, and on consulting – depending on complexity of an issue.

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