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Migratory services in Baku, Azerbaijan

Millions of people in the world live, study or work outside the homeland.

Perhaps, you would like to go to other country as they too.

However, before making the decision, it is necessary to address in reliable information sources and to consider carefully all factors of “pros” and “cons”. Migrants face serious problems in foreign countries, can’t get a job, lose an opportunity to see a doctor, appear face to face with deportation threat.

To get rid of all the similar problems, AZCONSULT GROUP LLC offers services in preparation of documents for obtaining individual work and temporary residence permits according to the migratory legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and to provision in Public Service of Migration for performing of foreigners and stateless persons a paid labor activity in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan

We hope that the services offered by us will interest you and in this case we will be glad to our cooperation!

Progress and prosperity to your business!